Wild Hog Hunting

Wild hogs roam freely on the ranch and are definitely not scarce. It is common to see a pack of 10 to 20 hogs on a regular basis. These hogs can range anywhere from the weight of 100-300 pounds! You do need a Texas State Approved License in order to shoot a hog and there is no limit. There is not a season for hog hunting, meaning it is a year round sport. Contact us today to get more details on your wild hog hunt.

A Little About Wild Hogs

A wild sow will have two litters a year with most litters consisting of three to five piglets. Her offspring will most likely be bred at or before six months of age, again having three to five piglets. The coat coloration is a wide selection of colors and types depending on the genetic background. It can vary from solid black, brown, dark gray, tan, red, white, or a combination of any two or more colors in patterns of belted, mottled, pointed or spotted. Wild boars have very long and thin snouts. The snout is used for digging up soil so it can eat bugs, roots, and plant bulbs growing in the under story growth of swampy areas.

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